CEIMIC Life Sciences Testing Group

We know that behind each result there is a decision-making, for this reason, at CEIMIC Life Sciences Testing Group we guarantee sanitary control and the quality of food in all its processes, in order to ensure its safety, protecting the health of consumers.

We help protect and market your products by minimizing the risks of negative impacts on health and the environment, contributing to ensuring that your products meet the required standards and that your brand provides confidence.

With more than 30 years of experience and in constant expansion, we have managed to be one of the largest analytical groups in Life Sciences in America focused on analytical development and innovation and providing a superior and reliable quality service.

You are guided by our purpose of being an increasingly better company. We base ourselves on our mission, vision and values ​​to guide our employees and delivery to our customers.

Provide new solutions through science to ensure a better quality of life.

Accompany our clients with analytical solutions for sustainable decision making.


  • Innovation: introduce novelties by modifying existing elements in order to improve them.
  • Integrity: doing the right thing considering not affecting the interests of other individuals.
  • Excellence: Excellence is the path of continuous improvement, doing it with passion, getting involved in the purpose of CEIMIC with a proactive and renewing attitude. Excellence is the practical opportunity to learn and innovate every day, in an integrated way

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Today, CEIMIC has one of the main laboratory networks in the Americas, offering quality analytical services, sampling, technology and logistics.


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