Collection and analysis in chimneys, pipelines and stationary sources to monitor the emission of gases from the production process of an industry is part of the environmental protection to ensure a healthy and contamination-free environment. All services are performed within international and official standards, methodologies and standards, such as EPA and CETESB.

Monitoring the Air Quality of particulate matter (dust, smoke, among others) performed to determine the level of concentration of pollutants present in the atmosphere.

Engineering & Consulting for Atmospheric Emissions

CEIMIC Corporation performs the following services for the monitoring of fugitive and evaporative emissions:

• Firing test in conventional incineration processes and co-processing of waste in cement furnaces; • Perf
ormance evaluation of incinerators, industrial furnaces and boilers; •
Evaluation of combustion processes in furnaces and boilers;

• Fuel test;
• Burner test.
• Projects in Air Pollutant Control Systems •
Conceptual and diagnostic projects in Air Pollutant Control Systems. • Continuous sampling of SO2, NO2 +NO and CO – EPA Method 6C, 7E
and 10) • Audits focused on Air Quality and Atmospheric Emis
sions; • Preparation of Inventories of Sources emitting regulated pollutants and greenhouse gases with significance analysis of emission sourc
es; • Preparation of Atmospheric Emissions Monitoring Plan (PmeA); •
Study of the Dispersion of Air Pollutants (Aermod and Calpuff Models)
; • Study of Noise Dispersion (Aermod and Calpuff model
s); • Air Quality Assessment as a subsidy to the Atmospheric Emissions Reduction Program (PREA);
• Evaluation of the impact of the emission source on the surrounding
community; • Atmospheric Risk Assessment to Human Health (IRAP-
H Model); • Support in negotiations with environmental con
trol bodies; • Studies to guide the best point for installation of air quality monitoring stations/ equipment.

Air Quality Monitoring

The air quality monitoring for performed by CEIMIC Corporation complies with state environmental legislation and federal CONAMA no. 491.
The Air Quality parameters that we continuously monitor are:

  • PTS;
  • PM10;
  • NOx;
  • O3;
  • SO2;
  • CO;
  • HCT;
  • BTXE;
  • NH3.

We also perform non-automatic measurements for the following parameters:

  • Total Particles in Suspension (PTS);
  • Inhalable particles (PM10);
  • Breathable Particles (PM2.5);
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC);
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S);
  • Nitrogen Oxides (NOx);
  • Sulphur Oxides (SOx).

Installation and operation of weather stations for the following parameters:

  • Wind direction and speed;
  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Precipitation;
  • Solar radiation;
  • Atmospheric pressure.

Monitoring of Fugitive and Evaporative Emissions

CEIMIC Corporation performs the following services for the monitoring of these emissions:

  • Development and implementation of the LDAR (Leak, Detection and Repair) program;
  • Monitoring of fugitive emissions (EPA 21);
  • Evaluation of Evaporative Emissions of Tanks;
  • Calculation of evaporative emissions in Tanks (TANKS4).


CEIMIC Corporation offers this monitoring service, with the objective of performing environmental noise diagnosis, sound characterization of industries, railways and highways and noise impact assessment in communities. The monitoring is carried out in accordance with standards NBR 10.151 – “Noise assessment in inhabited areas aiming at the comfort of the community”, CONAMA 01/90 and CETESB 100/2009/P.

Equipment Calibration

Each equipment deserves special attention and a repair from time to time. For this, CEIMIC Corporation has a team prepared for this area of operation in the analysis market.