Since the beginning of 2017, CEIMIC has received important investments and structured itself to integrate one of the largest and most complete organizations providing analytical services for the Life Scienses market throughout Latin America.

Growing through acquisitions, mergers, partnerships and also organically, we timidly celebrate the acquisition of GREEN LAB CHEMICAL AND TOXICOLOGICAL ANALYSES and the inauguration of a new laboratory in the city of Santiago, Chile, as well as new business units in Argentina and Peru. We also have, of course, our units in Brazil, USA and Dominican Republic.

Now, at the beginning of this year 2018, we have even more reasons to celebrate our expansion: CEIMIC has joined the company TASQA SERVIÇOS ANALÍTICOS and announces a partnership with ES4i GROUP offering the market the widest range of analytical services with state of the art in physical and laboratory infrastructure, technical, logistics and personnel.


TASQA started its activities in 1992, being one of the first environmental analysis laboratories in Brazil; the first accredited by The ABNT/INMETRO ISO 17025 Standard. With more than 2,500m2 of laboratories and units in Sumaré / SP and Ipatinga / MG, TASQA has today the largest and most complete scope of accredited analysis in the country.

Headquartered in Porto Alegre / RS, GREEN LAB has more than twenty years in the market, having started focusing on industrial analysis, but rapidly advancing to a wide spectrum of environmental analyses. It is the laboratory with the highest quality, agility, logistics and service in the southern region of Brazil.

The process of integrating companies is underway quickly, but solidly and synergistically, observing the possibilities of progress from an international perspective and continuing the expansion project of CEIMIC, since its foundation in the late 1980s, in the USA.

We are structuring our communication channels with customers, employees, suppliers, partners and the market in general, ensuring that everyone can keep up with the progress of our group.