Picture: (from left to right)

Flavio Arribas – CEO Ceimic, Marcos Cayotopa – Gerente de Desarrollo de Negocios Perú, Claudio Losada – Gerente general Ceimic HLAC, Gustavo Artiaga – Gerente general Ceimic Brasil, Héctor Durán – Gerente de Ventas Ceimic Chile


We were present at Expoalimentaria Lima 2019, one of the most important food and beverage fairs in the region, where the entire range of products, such as fruits, vegetables, vegetables, grains, etc., is exposed. peru and other countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Indonesia.

This fair is used as a meeting point for food market participants, with more than five hundred exhibitors and more than 3,000 international visits.

In it we had a very good reception and we were making contact and creating ties with new friends in the field, to start new projects and also strengthen the relationship with our former customers.

In addition, we were getting to know the new products from Peru and other exhibiting countries, which are coming to market, and that it is important to know them, to expand our universe of exportable foods. “I believe that the Peruvian market will grow exponentially, because there are many products on the market, many endemic products, that are likely to be exported soon.” Héctor Durán, sales manager Ceimic Chile.

“The event was very positive with the participation of ceimic’s international delegation in Lima, with members from Argentina, Chile and Brazil, as well as those from Peru, since we were able to visit the main exhibitors who participated in the fair. Ceimic’s presence was important, as was the recognition of our customers, who today position us as one of the leading laboratories for the analysis of multidrug pesticides in Peru.” Marcos Cayotopa, Business Development Manager of Peru.