The analysis of the referent "waste", are any and all materials that have been discarded or left in the environment, whether from industries, agricultural or even domestic, and which, in turn, can be present in the states both liquid, solid or semisolid.

All analyses are present in the standards required by environmental agencies, ensuring quality and well-being for the environment and humans.

Solid Waste

Solid waste analyses are based on both domestic, industrial, hospital, agricultural, and other disposal materials. All of them in their essence can cause contamination/impacts to the soil, groundwater and rivers, depending on their form of disposal and decomposition. CEIMIC Corporation, within legal standards, values the quality of the environment and guarantees the quality of these analyses.

Liquid Waste

Through analysis, CEIMIC Corporation controls the quality of liquid effluents, whatever their origins, ensuring that their conditions are within the legal, federal and state standards, to be released into waters and rivers, without causing environmental impacts.

Waste Classification

Through legal analyses and methods, CEIMIC Corporation identifies the physical, chemical and biological properties of biological samples collected, classifying them among their various characteristics, in order to ensure human and environmental safety.

Ecotoxicological Analyses

In order to stimulate the quality of the environment (fauna and flora), through the analysis of toxicity of water and effluents, CEIMIC Corporation follows the legal requirements such as CONAMA Resolution 357/2005, CONAMA Resolution 430/2011 and Resolution SMA 03/2000 – SP.