With an extensive variety of soil-oriented analyses, in order to investigate contaminated areas and support them, CEIMIC Corporation analyzes soil and sediment samples accurately and quickly, in search of chemical, organic, biological, inorganic, heavy metals and others, which can bring damage to the area on its environmental and human fronts.

Contaminated Soil

In order to investigate all compounds present in the soil, both in commercial and residential and industrial land, CEIMIC Corporation analyzes and supports from the analysis and detection of contamination, to the treatment and disposal of contaminated soil. All methods used, follow the standards required by national environmental inspection.

Agricultural Soil

CEIMIC Corporation offers chemical analysis services through soil samples:

  • Toxicological characteristics;

  • Assessments of the capacity to receive sludge and other waste (according to current environmental guidelines);

  • Fertility assessment

    All analyses offered, follow the applicable laws.


CEIMIC Corporation follows the resolution of CONAMA 454, which values the control of areas at risk of possible environmental impacts, performing management of them, contaminated. Whether by waste disposal or in water treatment processes that can generate sediment under a water body.